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 Seoul hannamdong house for rent

House No: RS1038
Rent Asking price KRW : 15,000,000
Location : Hannam-dong /  House type: Single house
Size:  Land 529㎡ ,5680 ft²,  Building  505  5432ft² / 4+1beds 4baths

House No: RS1025
Rent Asking price KRW12 million rent
Location : Hannam-dong /  House type:Villa

Size: gross 117py,227sqm net 74py 201sqm

House No: RS1016
Rent Asking price KRW12,000,000 
Location : Hannam-dong /  House type:Singhouse
4beds,3baths, 2parking
Size: land :337sqm ,net 320sqm

House No: RS1015
Rent Asking price KRW10,000,000 
Location : Hannam-dong /  House type:Singhouse
5beds,3baths, 2parking
Size: land :335sqm ,net 344sqm

House No: RS0904
Rent Asking price KRW : 9,000,000
Location : Hannam-dong/  House type:Single house
Size: Land 479py, 1,583 sqm Net 286py,945sqm  / 4beds 3baths

House No: RS0809
Rent Asking price KRW : 8,000,000
Location : Hannam-dong/  House type:Villa
Size: Land 105py, 348sqm Net 75py,249sqm  / 4beds 3baths

House No: RS0807
Rent Asking price KRW : 8,000,000
Location : Hannam-dong/  House type:Villa
Size: Land 100py, 331 sqm Net 67py,221sqm  / 4beds 3baths

House No: RS0803
Rent Asking price KRW :8,500,000
Location : Hannam-dong /  House type:Villa
Size: gross: py sqm  / 4beds 3baths

House No: RS0801
Rent Asking price KRW : 8,000,000 ~ 8,500,000
Location : Hannam-dong /  House type: Villa
Size: gross 110py,364sqm   net 85py,281sqm/ 4beds 3baths

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